"One man set on revenge against the government. One woman determined to stop him."

After their proposal to end a government siege of a cult ends in tragedy, Mai Fisher and Alexei Bukharin delve deep into America's fringe extremists--a world of militias, paramilitary compounds, and racist religion.

They focus on a single man, who may be planning to "punish" the government for its actions against the cult. Mai plans to meet that man using a persona she used on an undercover mission in the IRA, a mission that almost killed her. Alexei searches for the right paramilitary compound to infiltrate. They don't know they've started the darkest mission of their careers.

The man, however, is at the end of his proverbial rope: no job, no prospects, helpless to save a child he loved, haunted by men he killed in war. He's decided ending his life is the only way to address his hopelessness--then he remembers a woman he met at a gun show.

Has Mai Fisher unknowingly given a terrorist a reason to live?

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