Retired UN spy Mai Fisher does her old employer a favor by taking an information drop at a diplomatic reception. All goes as planned until she hops into a cab on a rainy night in New York City and discovers the cab driver is not what he seems.

After almost 40 years as a UN spy, Alexei Bukharin is content to enjoy time with his wife, Mai Fisher, and finish raising his college-age grandchild, Natalia. His leisure plans suffer a setback when he not only discovers Mai's identity has been burned but the Russian Mafia is interested in Natalia.

Mai and Alexei come out of retirement to get to the bottom of both problems, and in the process discover a mole in the FBI, one who's sold secrets to the Russians for close to three decades.

But how is it all connected?

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Here’s what people are saying about A War of Deception:

          “I loved reading this spy thriller where old school KGB meets twenty-first century FBI.”

          “Intelligently and wickedly entertaining…”

          “A War of Deception is a page-turning thriller unlike any I’ve read.”

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